Ep #30 My Philosophy: Living Naturally Healthy

July 14, 2019
What we eat is making us sick. Walk down the grocery store isle and you’ll see labels saying healthy, organic or no added sugars. While these marketing messages are enticing, they are not accurate. Most food is highly processed, unhealthy and doesn’t naturally occur in natu...
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Ep #29 Honor Your Plan: Making Decisions Ahead of Time

July 07, 2019
Developing food plans in advance is an important technique for achieving permanent weight loss and improved health. Unfortunately, sticking to your food plan can be challenging. Distractions, stress at work or home, and unexpected circumstances cause us to justify “...
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Ep #28 Top 5 Things you Must Do for Weight Loss

June 30, 2019
When it comes to losing weight and improving health, many people invest in strategies that work initially but eventually fail. This is because often the first 20 pounds and the last 20 pounds aren’t lost using the same strategy. After evaluating my weight loss journey and my cl...
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Ep #27 The Ultimate Cause of Overweight and Obesity

June 23, 2019
When it comes to any problem, there are proximate and ultimate causes. The proximate cause is the event most obviously or immediately responsible for an outcome. In contrast, the ultimate cause is the higher-level cause and often the “real” reason the problem occurred. W...
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Ep #26 Practice: The Myth of the Savant

June 16, 2019
With any new skill, practice is necessary. In fact, consistent practice over a long period of time is the only way to become proficient and eventually master your new skill. As a nurse, for example, it takes countless times starting an IV before you feel confident in your pr...
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