Ep #11 Salt and Food Addiction

October 13, 2019

Big food manufacturers engineer processed foods to exploit our biology, increase cravings and sell more product. From the sugar bliss point to added fats, these companies have spent billions researching how to make food appealing and addictive. The consequence is...

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Ep #10 Becoming

October 06, 2019

Whether becoming a new parent or learning to control your diabetes, major life change can be uncomfortable. Often, we start our change journeys naive of the hard work, failures and challenges we must endure. Change tests our resolve and beats us down. However, nothing wor...

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Ep #9 Chewing the Fat with DelaneMD

September 29, 2019

The low-fat, no-fat movement systematically removed the fat from foods with the goal of improving the health of Americans. Now, decades later, obesity rates and incidence of type 2 diabetes have climbed to epidemic levels and the failure of this public health experi...

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Ep #8 Embracing a New You

September 22, 2019

Getting new results requires embracing permanent change. This process can be uncomfortable, but it also can be very empowering. Learning to be a naturally healthy version of yourself takes considerable work, practice and introspection. During this podcast, Dr. Vaughn...

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Ep #7 How to Manage Food Cravings

September 15, 2019

Food cravings are the desire to eat a specific food even though you aren’t hungry. Typically, people crave foods high in sugars or highly processed carbohydrates like cake, bread, chips and candy. These foods are nutrient dense, which facilitates an exaggerated rele...

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